Starter Kits 

Logic Practice Kit $0

Try Bassi Logic with a free kit of your choosing.

Logic One of Everything $230

31 endo files to get you started with Bassi Logic.

Individual Files

Logic GlidePath

$28 | 4 pack

Logic Shaping

$28 | 4 pack


Logic Retreatment

$28 | 4 pack

Procedure Kits

Logic Retreatment Kit

$22 | 3 pack

Logic Manual Kit

$17 | 2 pack       $22 | 3 pack

Irrigation & Obturation

Bassi Clean

$55 | 48 pack

Universal Heat Plugger

$55 | 1 pack

Hand Pluggers

$73 | 4 pack

Testimonial Dr Parra

“The .03 taper Logic files are perfect for my conservative approach to endodontics!”

Debora Parra, DDS

Testimonial Dr Laperriere

“In my whole professional life, I’ve never done such fast and safe endodontic retreatments as the ones using Logic RT files. I don’t even have to use solvents! That saves me a lot of time.”

Frederico Laperriere, DDS

Testimonial Dr Mounce

“If you sent me to a desert island and let me have one nickel titanium file system, hands down, its Bassi Logic—Efficiency, safety, simplicity, value. When it matters, and it always matters, these are my files.”

Dr. Rich Mounce

Testimonial Dr Hebert

“Life Changing!!…I’ve practice Endodontics for over thirty years and Bassi Logic instruments have transformed my practice, both in performance and profits:-))”

Catherine A. Hebert, DDS