Easy Fill


Gun-type in light weight

– Ergonomic design with perfect hand feeling

Patent cartridge, strong leakage proof

– Low maintenance, saving time and labor

Easy Pack


Fast heat in 0.5s. Protective stop after 4s.

Intelligent reminder in use

– Screen display

– Indicator light

– Beep sound


The Simplest yet, most advanced for the Minimum invasive endodontic treatment

Superior Products Backed By Science

Bassi cultivates a solid relationship with several centers of excellence in endodontic clinical research around the globe. Our products and designs are extensively tested before reaching the market.

Logic Glidepath

Experience an
Unmatched .01 Taper

.01 Taper Glidepath



Logic Shaping

Made for Efficiency & Conservation

03 and 05 Taper Single Shaping File


Logic Retreatment

Ultra Precise &
Least Invasive

3 File Systems 30.10, 25.08 and 20.06


Designed To Be Ahead of the Curve

Top Quality Meets Affordability.

It shouldn’t be expensive for you to get the tools you need.
Get your FREE Kit and test our Glidepath & Shaping files


There isn’t a single Bassi product that hasn’t been through a perfectioning cycle. Our goal is to always provide the absolute best we can manufacture.

Products Approved by our Doctors.

Grace Chu, DDS

“I have been using Bassi Endo rotary files for a couple of years. I do like the file system and use it most of the time, especially with initial cases. Works great especially on upper posterior cases where mouth opening is limited, as the files are easily manipulated to accommodate the limitation.”


Grace Chu, DDS

Dallas, TX

Carlos Camargo, DDS

“Bassi files are excellent, cut efficiently, and come in a variety of tapers and designs. I specifically love the glidepath .01 taper files. For me, it’s one of the best files in the market.”


Carlos Camargo, DDS

Gainesville, FL
Catherine A. Herbert, DDS

“Life Changing! I’ve practiced Endodontics for over thirty years and Bassi Logic instruments have transformed my practice, both in performance and profits :-))”


Catherine A. Hebert, DDS

Mandeville, LA
Catherine A. Herbert, DDS

“Bassi rotaries are the only rotaries I can use with a predictable outcome. The retreatment files are excellent and reliable. The 03 taper are good for instrumenting molar canals and the 01 tapers are good for determining the size of the apical foramen I rarely have a seperation of the file. Overall dependable good rotaries that you don’t have to cross your fingers everytime you use one!!”


Orest Balytsky, DDS

Petaluma, CA

We make files.
For real.

Bassi has a unique mix of innovation, proprietary technology, and exclusive manufacturing machinery. We can vouch for our files for one single reason: we make them from scratch, turning raw metal into the most efficient Ni-Ti files in the market.

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Changing to Bassi is not a difficult decision to make. Especially if you want faster instrumentation, fewer steps in your treatments, and flexibility, sharpness and resistance in the same file. Give your patients the best, treat them using Bassi files.

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