Booth Dazzle Video

Updated 4-20-18. version 2 for review.

Version 2 Notes: We didn’t quite know how to call attention to the hands on time that people could get with the files and motors and viewing the vidoes on the ipad. We look forward your feeedback.



Booth iPad Kiosk (Draft)

Updated 4-23-18

4-20-18 notes

This is NOT designed, but simply has the pieces in place. The Product explorer (basicaly the info on the website) is not yet completed. Instead of “swiping” use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate. The vidoes will autoplay on the iPad but may not on your computer, press the play button on the vidoes to watch them.

NOTE: The vidoes are currently showing the Portiguese titles and audio. This is to ensure that we have the correct videos. Therefore please MUTE your audio while you review this. Once we determine this is correct we will insert the english titles on the video and there will be no audio.

1PM MDT Update

2 vidoes were not in the correct location. So the vidoes for 15 and 17 were swapped. However, for the vidoe 17, there was an error in the animation of the supplied files where no Obstruction was visible in the canal. We were able to add the debree into the animation and it is corrected now. Note you may need to refresh your browser to see the change.

4-23-18 2pm MDT Update

Changed titles from Manual Instrumentation and Rotary Instrumentation to Manual Patency and Rotary Patency. 


Megan Payton Sykes

Colorado Convetion Center
700 14th St
Denver, CO 80202


4-23-18 notes

Megan Payton Sykes will be delivering 17 boxes/items to the Comfort Suites Hotel at 11AM MDT. The hotel will be already be holding 3 boxes under the name “Flavio Quintela – GUEST at Comfort Suites.”

AAE Delivery List


1 Video Player
1 USB with dazzle video
3 iPads with FlowVella installed
40 21mm One of Everything Packs
40 25mm One of Everything Packs
1 Roll of Velcro tie wraps or string to close the gap between the two 10ft backdrops
Extension cords
3 Bassi units