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Easy Endo USA announces corporate name change to Bassi Endo. 

April 1, 2018. Ocoee, Florida

The name reflects the new positioning in the US Market and growth of a leading global endodontic instruments manufacturer.

In response to wide ranging changes in the business context of Easy Equipamentos Odontológicos based in Brazil, its subsidiary Easy Endo USA will change its name to Bassi Endo, launch a new company e-commerce website and introduce an updated corporate identity.

“This name change allows us to utilize our founder and CEO Dr. Henrique Bassi’s name and global name recognition into our business activities in the USA. Our operations have grown to become ever increasingly global in nature and we are rebranding our renown product line, the ProDesign Logic™ files to simply Bassi Logic™,” said General Manager for US operations, Flavio Quintela.

International Sales Manager, Marcelo Bassi said that the company had been planning this name change along with other major strategy changes, including an increase of production and streamlining exports to Asia and the United States. The company manufactures endodontic instruments, the most notable of which is used worldwide and known formerly as ProDesign Logic™, now BassiLogic™; a continuous rotary single-file NiTi system for performing root canal procedures that are minimally invasive with conservative preparation resulting in better patient outcomes.

For More Information

The change is effective immediately and interested parties can find more details on the corporate name change and the company’s product line at

About Bassi Endo

Bassi Endo is a leading provider of endodontic instruments and equipment and is known around the world for its benchmark product lines, including the renoun Bassi Logic™ NiTi file system as well as educational services powered by a database of over 6,500 doctors worldwide. Bassi Endo has offices in Ocoee, Florida  and Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Flavio Quintela
General Manager