Iranian Endodontic Journal: Cyclic Fatigue Resistance

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IEJ Iranian Endodontic Journal 2017

STUDY: Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of WaveOne Gold, ProDesign R and ProDesign Logic Files in Curved Canals In Vitro


The study refers to Bassi Logic as it’s trade name in Brazil, ProDesign Logic and ProDesign R. It is abbriviated in the article as PDL and PDR respectively.


About the Study:

This study evaluated the cyclic fatigue resistance of Bassi Logic files compared with Wave One Gold.

Highlights from the study:

“In this study, ProDesign Logic [Bassi Logic] instrumented all canals without fractures.”

“The cyclic fatigue resistance of ProDesign R [Bassi Logic Retreatment] and ProDesign Logic [Bassi Logic] instruments was superior to WaveOne Gold.”

The use of continuous rotational motion in canals with a glide path provided the ProDesign Logic [Bassi Logic] instrument shorter instrumentation time.



Number of Cycles to Failure

Larger values are better

  • Bassi Logic 910.37 cycles
  • Bassi Logic Retreatment 741.93 Cycles
  • WaveOne Gold 264.76 cycles


Preparation Time

Smaller values are faster

  • Bassi Logic 64.55 seconds
  • Bassi Logic Retreatment 102.65 seconds
  • WaveOne Gold 94.72 seconds


Cycles for Instrumenation

Smaller values are faster

  • Bassi Logic 376.59 cycles
  • Bassi Logic Retreatment 513.28 cycles
  • WaveOne Gold 483.61 cycles