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Bassi Logic: The Minimally Invasive Future of Endodontics.

The Minimally Invasive Goal

Minimally invasive endodontics is defined by access and shaping procedures which preserve dentin but allow chemical disinfection to the highest standard. Retention of tooth structure is correlated with reduced fracture and preservation of the natural tooth. 

Previously, limitations in instruments and technologies have challenged clinicians to achieve these goals. Past instruments have not been flexible enough to address canal anatomy, preserve tooth structure and yet shape canal systems to an appropriate diameter. 

The advent of dental microscopes and controlled memory NiTi has, for the first time, made minimally invasive techniques possible which are at the heart of the Bassi Logic™ philosophy.

Coronal minimally invasive access. Bucal canals shaped with Bassi Logic™ 25/.03 and palatal canal with 30/.05. View Case

Key Fabiano, DDS, Brazil.

“When we think about Minimal Invasive procedures, we should not only think about the coronal aspects of the tooth but saving dentin throughout the entire canal system – our endodontic shaping files must reflect this reality predictably, efficiently and safely.”

– Dr. Henrique Bassi, endodontist, and founder of Bassi Endo.

$24 | 4 pack

Designed to Save Dentin

All Bassi Logic™ files are designed to preserve dentin. Bassi Logic™ is a true single file system, one that provides a quantum leap in functionality beyond other “single file” systems. Bassi Logic™ system posses a single file for glidepath preparation and a single file for shaping. In many cases, Bassi Logic™ eliminates the need for K files.

Designed with the most advanced heat treatment process and state of the art manufacturing, Bassi Logic™ Glidepath files have a consistent .01 taper that is both strong and flexible for canal scouting and glidepath preparation. Bassi Logic™ Shaping files feature a conservative .03, .04, and .05 taper, any one of which can be used as in a single file technique.

Proven and Trusted

The real world performance of Bassi Logic™ is impressive. Globally, there are approximately 7000 astute clinicians using the files with minimally invasive concepts.

The Brazilian Dental Journal† found it to complete preparation time in 1/4 of the time of other single file systems. Another scientific research study* found Bassi Logic™ able to complete instrumentation 30% faster than the WaveOne Gold©. The same study found Bassi Logic™ to be 33% more resistant to cyclic fatigue and no Bassi Logic™ file fractured, regardless of the rigorous testing.

“Life Changing!!…I’ve practice Endodontics for over thirty years and Bassi Logic instruments have transformed my practice, both in performance and profits”

Catherine A. Hebert, DDS