A Company Devoted to
Simplifying & Advancing Endodontics 

In 1999, with the goal of bringing joy back to the craft for doctors and clinicians, Dr. Bassi founded Easy Equipamentos Odontológicos to bring the system now known as BassiLogic™ to an international clinical audience. Dr. Bassi continues to teach and lecture all over the world in his unyielding dedication to simplifying and advancing the field of endodontics.

Henrique Bassi, DDS

Driven by his passion for the uncompromising care of his patients as well as for his craft of endodontics, Dr. Henrique Bassi began a quest to develop a minimally invasive, yet utterly simple NiTi rotary file system that would truly simplify the procedures that he and his colleagues encountered daily.

Stemming from the philosophy that saving tooth structure and dentin preserves the overall well-being of the patient, Dr. Bassi developed one of the first heat treated NiTi instruments that resulted in a method that was not only safer but extremely fast–making the entire endodontic procedure easier for the patient and a joy for the doctor.

“Minimally invasive endodontics is not only about coronal access but about the whole procedure. Historically, the old techniques can cause considerable iatrogenic events in the root canal. Today’s endo files simply must be more advanced in order to mitigate these effects. The Bassi Logic™ system is designed to save tooth structure. The exceptionally fine, yet strong .03 and .05 taper series are specifically developed for clinicians who seek the most advanced instruments for better endodontics.”